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The Business Case for Supporting Education

An excerpt from our Amity Insight 'Investing in Education'
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Below is an excerpt from our Amity Insight 'Investing in Education'.

International businesses require an educated, motivated pool of talent responsive to the needs of today’s globally competitive marketplace. This is as true in a developed market such as the UK, as it is in the fast-developing emerging economies.

While there is a huge local, regional and international talent pool to draw on, business is attracted to those with good literacy and communication skills as well as broader emotional intelligence skills such as problem solving and team building. The absence of these skills will exclude people from the workplace and potentially restrict them to unskilled labour or under-employment.

Typically in developed markets, businesses recognise it is in their interests as well as those of the country more widely, to harness and develop people who have basic skills, particularly in the area of transitioning students from school to the workplace, and in partnering with tertiary centres of excellence. Continuous training, development, e-learning, apprenticeships and mentoring all have a key role to play in providing the knowledge and skills base needed to compete in today’s world.

Business in the Community (BITC) has a ‘business and education’ strand focused on providing every young person facing social disadvantage with support from business via mentoring, work placements and schools partnering. 150,000 placements have already been made under the scheme involving 600 UK companies.1 BITC and the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) strongly focus on youth unemployment and under-employment, a key phenomenon of the economic downturn in Europe since 2008. 

The CBI has highlighted the economic detriment implicit in those ‘children left behind’ as a result of poor access to learning, social disadvantage or areas prone to marginalisation and high youth unemployment.

1. Business in the Community: http://www.bitc.org.uk/issues/community/education-and-young-people

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