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Amity Short Dated Bond Fund

Our Amity Short Dated Bond Fund aims to preserve capital whilst also working to generate a steady income for investors through a portfolio of short-duration Sterling instruments. Portfolio duration is continually managed throughout an interest rate cycle in order to mitigate interest rate risk in the fund. 
  • FT Adviser Investment 100 Club Member 2018 - Recognised across three categories
  • Sustainable & ESG Investment Awards 2018 - Best ESG Fund Management Group (Specialist)
  • Charity Times Awards 2018 - Boutique Investment Management Award
  • Moneyfacts Best Ethical Investment Provider - Ten Years Running 2009-2018
  • Moneyfacts Best Ethical Investment Provider - Nine Years Running 2009-2017
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Fund insight

The fund seeks to invest primarily in high quality bonds, those with an investment-grade credit rating of A or better, with a portfolio duration averaging around two years. A maximum of 10% of the fund's holdings can also be held in B - BBB rated-debt with three years being the upper limit for duration. The fund aims to invest in a range of corporate and government bonds, preventing over-exposure by imposing a limit of 20% to any one issuer, with the exception of the UK government. 

Holding only highest quality bonds with a short timeframe enables the fund to have the flexibility and security it needs to deliver a target gross yield of 1.00%. Keeping the average portfolio duration to two years reduces the funds sensitivity to potential interest rate rises, therefore aiding capital preservation in what would become a volatile environment if rates were raised. An average debt-rating of A throughout the holdings meanwhile, ensures that the portfolio works hard to deliver above average yields on a consistent basis. 

The fund is part of the Amity range and therefore subject to both our Positive and Negative Screening process. The Amity Short Dated Bond Fund will not invest in companies materially involved in alcohol, tobacco and weapons production, gambling operations and pornographic material. At the same time, the fund will actively seek out those companies with a focus on sustainable practises being a cause for good in our wider society. 

Fund manager profile

The Amity Shorted Dated Bond Fund is jointly managed by Chris Hiorns and David Katimbo Mugwanya. Chris has worked at EdenTree since 1996 having gained an MSc in Economics from University College London. He started as a graduate trainee and worked as an Investment Analyst before being appointed as a Fund Manager in 2007. Chris has managed the Amity Sterling Bond Fund since its launch in 2008. David joined EdenTree in 2015 to co-manage the Amity Sterling Bond Fund, bringing almost a decade of fixed income experience to our portfolios. David is a CFA Charterholder and holds the IMC as well as a BSc in Economics from the University of Essex. Both have extensive experience in the fixed income markets. 


  • Company Percentage
  • PRUDENTIAL 6.875% SNR 20/01/23 GBP1000 2.73%
  • MUNICH RE GBP 6.625% 26/5/2042 2.53%
  • ANGLIAN WATER 6.875% BDS 21/08/23 GBP(VAR)(BR) 2.52%
  • NORTH. POWERGRID H 7.25% GTD SNR 15/12/22 GBP 2.44%
  • LLOYDS BANK PLC 5.125% NTS 07/03/25 GBP100000 2.40%
  • PHOENIX GROUP HLDGS 5.75% GTD BDS 07/07/21 GBP100000 2.38%
  • WELLCOME TRUST FINANCE 4.75% GTD BDS 28/05/21 GBP50000 2.37%
  • HSBC HLDGS 6.50% NTS 20/05/24 GBP50000 `15` 2.34%
  • A2D FUNDING PLC 4.75% BDS DUE 18-10-2022 2.26%
  • LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE GROUP 9.125% NTS 18/10/19 GBP50000 2.15%

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